Sammy Riehl received a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and has worked in the physical therapy field for 10 years. His passion for the muscular dystrophy population drove his relocation to Florida, joining the ImagingNMD team in 2016. His current role as Clinical Research Coordinator III includes MR Site Manager, Clinical Evaluator, MR Data Reader and Lego Phantom Manager. A Lego Phantom simulates the MR properties of a human leg to ensure scanner consistency across timepoints and sites. Sammy was instrumental in scaling up Lego Phantom assembly and standardization. Additionally, Sammy helped develop MRI splints to assist participants with remaining still during MRIs. This role includes overseeing the production, distribution and tracking of these MRI items for both national and international imaging sites. You may also see Sammy driving around campus in a golf cart, occasionally serving as the team’s driver or campus tour guide.