Glenn Walter is an Associate Professor in Physiology and Functional Genomics. Throughout his career, Dr. Walter has pushed cutting-edge magnetic resonance (MR) technology in order to answer clinically relevant physiology and metabolomics questions. He has extensive experience with MRI/MRS of skeletal muscle and is a Science Council member of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL). Dr. Walter is the prior Associate Director of the AMRIS facility and his primary area of research is in the development of MRI/MRS techniques to study cardiac and skeletal muscle in neuromuscular diseases. He has successfully developed MRI/MRS data collection and analysis techniques to monitor the efficacy of pharmacological and gene therapy interventions in animal models of muscular dystrophy. He has considerable experience with MR techniques such as Ultra-short echo time (UTE), Dixon imaging, and spectroscopy. Apart from his pivotal role in the ImagingNMD natural history study, Dr. Walter also works with ImagingNMD in the context of numerous clinical trials, where he provides oversight for MR protocol development, quality control review, as well as analysis measurements.