Catherine (Cathy) Powers is a clinical research coordinator with over 10 years of experience, focused mainly on research with children and young adults that have Duchenne muscular dystrophy. With a diverse background of biology, mathematics, and economics, Cathy graduated in 2010 with her bachelors from the University of Florida. She had several different project management, marketing, and teaching roles before joining ImagingNMD in 2013. Since then, she has been a key contributing member of the ImagingNMD family. Her current roles include Clinical Research Coordinator III, MR Site Manager, Clinical Evaluator, and MR Data Reader. She also leads the development of advertising and recruitment materials and promotes marketing strategies for the study. Her other responsibilities involve input and development of key elements of the study protocol, supervising and training other staff members, managing multiple national and international imaging sites, data monitoring and maintenance of regulatory compliance, and assisting in software tool development.